Language Activities


opening a jar

Time: 10 - 15 minutes

Materials: Jars containing various strong smelling kitchen substances like cinnamon, coffee, pepper, mint, etc.

Activity: Have your child close his/her eyes.  Present an opened jar to your child to smell.  Have him/her guess what it is and/or what it smells like.  After a guess is made, show them what is in the jar and talk about it.

Suggested Script: I'm going to give you some things to smell.  I'd like for you to tell me what it is or what you think it might be.  Close your eyes and take a sniff.

Other Activities: Use the same technique with other substances in different rooms.  In the bathroom you can smell soap, shampoo, shaving lotion/cream.  In the bedroom you can smell deodorant, perfume, etc.

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