Books and Activities

Mean Soup

by Betsy Everitt,Harcourt Brace & Company, 1992

It has been a bad day for Horace.  A very bad day.  He's come home feeling mean.  But guess who knows what to do?  His mother, of course.

Activities(individual or small group)

PROPS: soup pot, large spoon, vegetables and fruit (plastic or laminated pictures)

  1. Sequencing and memory....Use the soup pot and make "Mean Soup" like Horace and his mother.  What did they do first? next?  Mimic the actions of making mean soup using the soup pot and spoon.
  2. Categorizing...Using the props, make vegetable soup.  Name the vegetables as they are placed in the pot.  Then make fruit soup, meat soup, even shoe soup (learning the words sandals, sneakers, high heels, boots).  This is a great way to learn new vocabulary, categorizing and having fun.
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