Language Activities

Fan Letters

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  1. This is a great activity that I have used with my older students to work on articulation, language and grammar skills. The activity also incorporates literacy skills.
  2. Select someone to write. Help the student decide who to write to.  It can be a sports team, celebrity, political figure, etc.
  3. Chose the objective. We work on writing skills, vocabulary, grammar, reading the letter aloud for articulation practice, etc.
  4. Write or type the letter. Write the letter to the person or group selected and ask them for general information or ask specific questions.  Ask that the information be sent to the school.
  5. Read and discuss the results. Once we receive the information, we read it together for more articulation practice, etc. and then send the information home with the student when we are finished with it.
  6. The kids can't wait to see what they will receive and are begging to write another letter. Very motivating!!

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