Language Activities

ABC Pockets

Or, if you don't have time to sew...

Place a mini-nursery rhyme book or a small toy/object/picture that represents the rhyme beginning with that letter into the corresponding letter pocket. Discuss sounds/words that start with the corresponding letters on the ABC apron and introduce by singing the Alphabet Song.  Each child takes a turn to choose a letter.  Pull out the object that represents the rhyme beginning with the letter the child has chosen.  Continue until all the pockets are empty.  For letters that are difficult to determine a rhyme, use a rhyme that has a high frequency count for the sound (X - Sing a Song of Sixpence and Z - Sneezing).  Extended activities can include paper bag puppets, sequence story frames, snacks, mini science experiments, gross motor activities, hidden picture sheets, plays, flannel board story cutouts and more... 

A List of Rhymes that can be used:

The Real Mother Goose, Rand McNally & Co.
Let Loose on Mother Goose, Book Activities to Teach Math, Science, Art, Music, Life Skills and Language Development, by Terry Graham
Nursery Rhymes, Reproducible Stand-ups, by Carole Charters, Judy/Instructo
My Favorite Nursery Rhymes - 8 Adorable Little Books, The Five Mile Press Pty, Ltd.
MacMillan Seasonal Activity Packs

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