Books and Activities

Penelope Jane, A Fairy's Tale

by Rosanne Cash

Penelope Jane de la Fesser, a flying French fairy is just the perfect size to live in the right-hand dresser drawer of her very best friend, five year old Carrie. When this eye-lash tall fairy decides one day to go to school with Carrie, she doesn’t let her tiny size stand in the way of getting into some really big trouble! But the whole school is suddenly in danger. Penelope Jane musters a lion’s share of courage in order to save the day.


The book also comes with the music, lyrics, and CD of the original song, "How to be Strong."

  1. When Penelope Jane goes to fairy school, she had to learn and obey the fairy rules. What are some rules that you have to obey?
  2. What exactly did Penelope do to solve the problem with the fire alarm? The pictures in the book told you. If you’re not sure, find the picture and talk about it.
  3. Penelope is as big as an eyelash. How big are you? Find some things to compare your height. Are you as big as the car door? Go and measure then talk about measuring and comparing.
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