Books and Activities

The Very Lazy Ladybug

by Isabel Finn and Jack Tickle

The lazy ladybug likes to sleep all day and all night. She is so lazy that she hasn’t learned to fly yet. One day she decides she wants to find someplace else to sleep…but how can she go anywhere if she can’t fly?

Follow the lazy ladybug as she catches a ride with a jumpy kangaroo, a swinging monkey, a scratching bear, and many other animals. She just can’t find a peaceful place to sleep. When an elephant walks by, the ladybug thinks she’s found a nice quiet ride, but she’s in store for a surprise.

  1. Ask why questions. Why couldn’t the ladybug sleep on the kangaroo (and the tiger, alligator)? Act out the answers.
  2. Name and act out things you can do with your mouth. Pretend to sneeze, yawn, cough, hiccup, belch, and snore. Talk about fake and real.
  3. For non-verbal children, ask the child to find the line drawings of the animals in the order as they appeared in the story. You can look back in the book to find the answers.
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