Phonemic Awareness

Phonogram OG

Awareness material or experiences
  • Read, Tog the Dog,by Hawkins & Hawkins, (Putnam, 1986)
  • Instructional material
  • After reading the awareness selection, together with the students, generate a list of words that end with "og".
  • Each student takes the initial consonant from their name and uses it as an onset for the rime "og". For example, Jennifer would generate "jog".
  • Practice material
  • Odd word out. Say a group of three words (i.e. dog, map, log) and the student repeats the word that does not belong because it doesn’t end in "og".
  • Make a spinner with the consonant letters that make a word with the rime "og". The student spins and identifies the word with "og".
  • The teacher gives a definition and the student writes/finds/states the "og" word.
  • Teacher: a slow run
    Student: jog
    Teacher: an early morning mist
    Student: fog
  • Whole Language Application
  • Help each student make a book to take home and read to his or her family. Make a patterned book using the one sheet book.   Use sentences with the rime "og". The students can write the words or the teacher can photocopy the sentences and the students can cut and paste them. Draw pictures to go with the words. For example, you can use:
  • I went for a jog.

    I went for a jog, in the fog.

    I went for a jog, in the fog and was chased by a dog.

    I went for a jog, in the fog, was chased by a dog and tripped over a log.

    I went for a jog, in the fog was chased by a dog, tripped over a log and fell smack on a frog.