Phonemic Awareness

Consonant R

Awareness material or experiences
  • Vocabulary review: ignition, steering wheel, rim, real/not real, tank, gas pump
  • A Story for R

    Randy loved cars. He especially loved racing cars and wanted to be a race car driver when he grew up. He had a large box with a steering wheel and when he sat in it, he felt just like it was real. He would pretend to put a key in the ignition and he would turn it to start the engine. Sometimes, he forgot to put gas in it, then the engine would have an R-R-R sound, but would not start. Then he would remember about the gas and would push his car over to a gas pump and fill the tank up to the rim. Once he got back in to start it, he would not hear the R-R-R. He would hear a low, loud, RRROOM. Randy enjoyed racing his car on rainy days and today, it was pouring.

    Instructional material
  • Let's make the sound of a car with not gar, R-R-R. The /r/ sound is also like a rooster crowing, er, er-er, er-er. There are lots of words that begin with /r/ like…. (Teacher names a few). Does anyone know another word that begins with /r/?
  • List of /r/ words:

    rabbit rainbow radio ring race
    rocket rooster rain rain rake
    rattle raisins raccoons red rock
    ribbon rectangle round rice rose
    recipe room row ruler robot
  • Review vocabulary from A Story for R and list of /r/ words for semantic content.
  • Practice material
    Dye rice red and have the students cover an R with red rice. Dye the rice before by using a small amount of rubbing alcohol and red food coloring. Dry the rice on a paper towel. Use sturdy paper. Let the students apply glue and sprinkle red rice on the glue.
    the letter r
  • Put /r/ things in a feely box. Cut a circle through the side of a box so that the student can put their hand inside, but not be able to see. Put one object that begins with /r/ in the box. The student puts their hand through the cut out hole and feels the object inside and makes a guess. Objects to put inside could include ribbon, ruler, rock, raisin, ring, etc.
  • Complete a worksheet. Make a worksheet with /r/ pictures and a few foils on it. Give the directions to draw a rectangle around all the pictures that begin with the /r/ sound.  For ready made /r/ pictures, visit the Articulation /r/ page.
  • Play The Rabbit Game. Use clipart and make a variety of rabbits with different /r/ objects. The teacher says, "If you have a rabbit with a (radio) raise your hand". Count the students who raise their hands and make a graph/chart with the results.
  • Whole Language Application:
  • Help each student make a patterned one sheet book to take home and read to his or her family.
  • Title: I Can Imagine
    Pattern: I can imagine,a rainbow of raisins.
    I can imagine a rainbow of ribbons.
    I can imagine a rainbow of roses.
    I can imagine a rainbow of rings.
    I can imagine a rainbow of robins.