Phonological Awareness

Compound Words

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A Story for Compound Words

Ladybird was getting ready for breakfast. She was expecting a houseguest any minute. Just as she began heating up the frying pan for pancakes, the doorbell rang. She took the frying pan off the stove and went to answer the door. As she opened the door, sunshine spilled in through the doorway. The sunshine actually made the carpet look a different color. "Welcome", she said to her houseguest. "I’m glad you could come by for breakfast." Ladybird opened the door wide. "Come in and have a seat." she said. Ladybird went to the linen closet and pulled out her finest tablecloth. She spread the tablecloth on the table and set out her crystal teapot beside the vase of sunflowers. Ladybird and her houseguest sat down and had a delicious breakfast together.

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